Corporate Social Investment

One of the most rewarding projects I have ever worked on was in conjunction with Cuddlers disposable nappies at créhes in Gauteng. We magically transformed dreary and dull play areas into colourful spaces. The appreciation of the teachers and the joy on the faces of the children really spoke to my heart. I would like to extend this joy into the community by transforming, not only créches and spaza shops in an area but entire streets to inspire and encourage people to become what they are capable of... a TRULY great nation.

Our aim is targeting communities and to Add our Magic to transform these spaces into colourful visions.

We will negotiate with the owners to have their premises painted in artwork that would incorporate your COMPANY LOGO, using the predominate colour of your brand.

Our team of professional painters will guide the owners, children and teachers with the painting, involving them in the project so they feel that they have contributed to the upliftment of their surroundings.

Store owners will receive cash remuneration for leasing their wall space for your company branding.


  • Educate the community on how to use recycled material to beautify their area as well as generate an income.

  • Place fixed refuse bins on pavements and at play areas, decorate them with recyclables and encourage communities to keep their area clean.

  • Purchase water wise trees and plants from local nurseries and encourage "greening" the community.

  • Create stimulating playgrounds and sports fields for the community.